Your Mercy

Your Mercy

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Paul Baloche

Format: CD


Following the successful release of his last worship album, Live, three-time Dove Award-winning songwriter Paul Baloche presents a brand new worship project for Fall 2016. As a new resident of New York, Paul’s vision to capture an organic worship experience from New York City results in 11 brand new songs written by this worship pastor of worship pastors. Your Mercy is packed with songs accessible for local churches of any size and any denomination, and features guest vocals by local worship leaders.


  1. Psalm 92 (It Is Good)
  2. Once For All
  3. Found In You
  4. I Will Worship You
  5. Your Mercy
  6. Songs Of The People
  7. We Come To You Jesus
  8. God Evermore
  9. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (We Turn)
  10. To The Cross I Come (feat. Jennifer Holm & All Sons & Daughters)
  11. More Than I Deserve
  12. Peace On Earth (feat. Madison Cunningham)


UPC: 0000768679029
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