Your Great Name

Your Great Name

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Paul Wilbur

Format: CD

Paul Wilbur's journey with Integrity Music began 20 years ago with his first Messianic project entitled Up To Zion, recorded in Chicago, IL. From there, came the breakout album Shalom Jerusalem, captured live in Jerusalem in 1995. With sales of over one million units and a recipient of a Latin Dove Award for Best Live Praise & Worship Album of the Year, Paul Wilbur now brings us Your Great Name.

Your Great Name includes 11 new songs of freedom, exaltation and hope, which continue to propel Paul Wilbur forward as the preeminent worship leader in today's Messianic worship movement.


  1. Song Of Ezekiel
  2. Prepare The Way
  3. Great I Am
  4. Who Can Compare
  5. Who Is Like You
  6. Song Of The Beautiful Bride
  7. Glory Come Down
  8. We Will Run / Ani Ma’amin
  9. Mighty And Glorious
  10. Nobody Like You
  11. Your Great Name


UPC: 000768506820
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