Year of Grace

Year of Grace

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Robin Mark

Format: CD

Join Northern Ireland's Robin Mark in this modern Celtic worship experience. Recorded LIVE in New York, Year Of Grace features all NEW recordings that combine powerful new worship songs with Robin's unique Irish delivery and Celtic instrumentation. Reminiscent of Revival In Belfast, Year Of Grace celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Ulster Revival that swept Northern Ireland and changed the course of Christianity throughout the British Isles. This is a worship experience to be treasured for years to come.

The CD-ROM Digital Songbook features sheet music, chord charts, lead sheets and lyric text files for the songs on this recording (Windows PC and Mac OX compatible). The sheet music is fully transposable into any key and printable in any format. Additional options include the ability to display or remove all parts, display vocals only, display or remove chord symbols, and display or remove fret board diagrams (Windows PC Only).

Print Songbook and CD Split Trax are also available.


  1. Holy Is Our God
  2. Watchman
  3. There Is None Like You
  4. All Is Well
  5. Glory to You Name
  6. The Year of Grace
  7. Highly Exalted
  8. Some Trust in Chariots
  9. Greater the One
  10. I Am Persuaded
  11. Rend the Heavens
  12. One Day


UPC: 000768464120
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