Worship Tools: Glorious

Worship Tools: Glorious

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Paul Baloche

Format: Multimedia

Featuring songs from Paul Baloche's album Glorious

This generation's desire for intimate worship has created a demand for small-group worship leaders and bands. To aid the need's of today's worship leaders, Vertical Music Worship Tools features user-friendly arrangements of your favorite worship songs with instructional resources including a printed songbook, instructional DVD, and an audio CD. This Worship Tools volume is a complete tool kit to equip Worship Leaders and Praise Teams to lead people into God's presence. This volume includes:


  • Guitar, Drum, Keyboard & Bass Cam Video
  • Real-Time Chord Tab Graphics for Quick Learning
  • Guitar Tutorials
  • Live Lyrics Mode with Lyrics, Motion Backgrounds and Full, Split & Click Trax Audio Options


  • Full Mix and Acoustic Mix Recordings
  • Arranged For Youth and College Group Settings


  • Lead Sheets
  • Guitar Chord Charts
  • Lyric Sheets


    1. Glorious
    2. You Have Saved Us
    3. Just to Be with You
    4. Worderful God
    5. How Great Is the Love
    6. Almighty
    7. Shaken
    8. A New Hallelujah


    UPC: 000768475164
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