Worship & Justice

Worship & Justice

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Belfast, Northern Ireland-based Bluetree first came to the attention of the wider Worship community when the Passion movement embraced their song "God Of This City" using it as the title track on PassionLive and subsequently re-recorded by Chris Tomlin on his Hello Love album.

Since then, Bluetree has released a series of independent albums and have been strong advocates for stopping sex trafficking around the world.

Bluetree are now releasing their first album with Integrity Music. While maintaining the band's trademark energy in worship, this new album showcases great new worship songs that were written by the band, songs that are already being sung around the world, fusing the band's passion for worship and justice.


  1. It Is Finished
  2. My Redeemer Lives
  3. Jesus, Healer
  4. Each Day
  5. Magnify
  6. New Creation
  7. God, You Are Good
  8. Rest
  9. My Rock
  10. You Were, You Are


UPC: 000768620328
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