Worship Band Workshop: Roadmap to a Skilled Team

Worship Band Workshop: Roadmap to a Skilled Team

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Paul Baloche

Format: DVD

As a worship pastor, Paul Baloche has spent over twenty years building worship teams from the ground up in his local church. Starting with just piano, guitar, and vocals to building a culture of worship team volunteers. In this up close and personal DVD, Paul and his band will discuss and demonstrate the biblical values, spiritual dynamics, and practical essentials required to effectively lead a community of believers in authentic worship. Each member of the band shares inspiring and insightful concepts from their particular role on the team and how to serve The Lord, serve the song, and serve each other in the moment. Areas of discussion and demonstration include:
  • Biblical foundations of a worship team
  • Cultivating a worship attitude
  • How to build a band
  • Leading a successful sound check
  • Learning to listen and play in sections
  • Using loops and stems

With over 2 hours of in-depth instruction, this teaching will inspire you and your team to take on the challenge of becoming "trained and skilled in music for the Lord" (Chron. 25:7)


UPC: 682483008232
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