Word of God Speak: The Worship Session

Word of God Speak: The Worship Session

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Inherently powerful and incredibly sing-able...Word of God Speak: The Worship Session is an unforgettable recording you can believe in. Based on the pure Word Of God, these newly recorded worship songs take Integrity's Word of God Speak series to new heights of worship in an easy to sing format perfect for churches, small groups and individual worship. Featuring worship artists Todd Fields, Christy Nockels and Candi Pearson, this worshipful expression of Scripture is sure to be sung all over the world. You will not only want to join the singing but these encouraging songs will build your faith and cause you to believe in a new, vibrant way.


  1. The Heavens Declare
  2. Trust in the Lord
  3. Bless the Lord at All Times
  4. I Have Been Crucified with Christ
  5. For I Know the Plans
  6. Cast Thy Burden
  7. The Lord Is Your Keeper
  8. Fear Not
  9. Ask Seek Knock
  10. Do Not Be Anxious
  11. Be Still and Know
  12. Show Me Your Ways
  13. No Condemnation


UPC: 000768416822