Whisper: EP

Whisper: EP

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“This EP called Whisper is a version of some honest conversations God and I have had together. Rebirth, doubts, coming back home, letting go of the fears, the longing to be with him and the hope to keep moving on. 

These songs are pieces of my story. Defining moments and words I have heard from God or said to Him. Whispers from Him while I’m at my lowest points or even my highest. The Holy Spirit is very alive in our conversations with friends, thoughts with ourselves and also what we see in the world. God is always kneeling down, leaning in and whispering exactly what we need to hear wherever we are.” — Jacob Stillman 



  1. Whisper
  2. Draw Near
  3. Wherever You Are
  4. Let Go
  5. Keep Movin' On


UPC: 0000768728826
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