We Belong to Jesus (Featuring Jared Anderson & Friends)

We Belong to Jesus (Featuring Jared Anderson & Friends)

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Jared Anderson, Shout Praises Kids

Format: CD

This exciting new recording is full of great songs birthed out of the vibrant childrens ministry of New Life Church. Featuring Jared Anderson and friends and the energetic group of kids led by Amanda Ferrin. We Belong to Jesus has songs of faith, worship and just plain fun. Perfect for a great listen by kids of all ages!


  1. Counting On God
  2. Impossible Possible
  3. Dance Dance Shake it Up / It Was for Freedom
  4. We Belong
  5. According to His Word
  6. Victorious God
  7. Strong God
  8. Light of Salvation
  9. Never Be Shaken
  10. Magnified
  11. Just Give Me Jesus / 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus


UPC: 000768526521
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