We Believe (Live)

We Believe (Live)

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One: A Worship Collective

Format: CD

The hunger for new worship that is birthed from genuine moves of God still exists in the Church today. We Believe captures songs of faith from different movements and ministries - it is a collaboration of songs and worship leaders from within the Assemblies of God. This album was recorded in Dallas, Texas at the 714 Conference held on the campus of the Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Dallas.


  1. Like Never Before (Featuring Ryan Williams)
  2. Take Me In (Featuring Clayton Brooks)
  3. Come Like The Dawn (Featuring Ryan Williams)
  4. Every Good Gift (Featuring Clayton Brooks)
  5. We Believe (Featuring Kurtis Parks)
  6. To Honor You (Featuring Clayton Brooks, Ryan Williams & Kurtis Parks)
  7. Jesus At The Center (Featuring Micah Massey)
  8. We Crown You (All Hail the Power) [Featuring Elmer Canas Jr.)
  9. Set My Eyes On You (Featuring Kurtis Parks)
  10. Great I AM (Featuring Christine D'Clario)
  11. You Are Forever (Featuring Kurtis Parks)


UPC: 000768521922
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