Wake Up the World

Wake Up the World

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Gateway Worship

Format: CD

Intimate, powerful and transforming worship from Gateway Worship, one of the fastest growing churches and most influential worship teams in America. Wake Up The World delivers a mix of modern worship anthems, exciting songs of praise and deep intimate moments of worship in an experience that is sure to impact the body of Christ.


  1. New Doxology (feat. Thomas Miller) [Live]
  2. New Doxology Anthem
  3. The Lord Reigns (feat. Thomas Miller) [Live]
  4. Real
  5. God of My Days (feat. Thomas Miller) [Live]
  6. You Are Good (feat. Kari Jobe)
  7. Alabaster Jar (feat. Kari Jobe & Walker Beach) [Live]
  8. We Cry Out (feat. Kari Jobe) [Live]
  9. Save Me
  10. When I Speak Your Name
  11. We'll Make It Loud
  12. Wake Up the World
  13. Call Your Name
  14. Beautiful


UPC: 000768437223
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