Visual Worship @Home Volume 1

Visual Worship @Home Volume 1

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

Experience the sights and sounds of worship with iWorships Visual Worship @Home collections. Each enhanced DVD contains inspiring lyric videos featuring the original master recordings of today's most popular worship songs. As a bonus, this value-priced collection contains mp3 music files of the same popular songs for playback on smart phones and computers. Simply copy these bonus files to your device and enjoy your favorite worship songs.

Visual Worship @Home is perfect for your times of worship whether you are at home or on the go!


  1. Today Is The Day
  2. All The Poor And Powerless
  3. O The Blood
  4. The Same Power
  5. Bless The Lord
  6. Revelation Song
  7. In Christ Alone/The Solid Rock
  8. Above All
  9. Your Love Never Fails
  10. Your Name
UPC: 000768526811