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Jon Egan

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“Worship is the greatest weapon we have over our fear, shame and sickness… when we take a moment to declare the greater reality of Jesus, earthly realities grow strangely dim.” - Jon Egan

As a worship leader for Colorado’s New Life Church and the former founder/leader of Desperation Band, Jon Egan has been providing songs of praise and worship to the global church for almost 20 years, including favorites like “I Am Free,” “Overcome,” “Strong God,” “Make A Way” and “On The Throne.” His audio and video recordings with New Life and Desperation Band include the critically acclaimed Strong God, Soak (instrumental), Counting On God, You Hold It All, Light Up The World, Center Of It All and Banner. Now, Jon releases Unveil, his first solo album filled with new songs captured live as he and his church cry out for a revelation of the living God.

Interspersed with prayers and often raw with the emotion of a church reawakened to revival, Unveil is an invitation to communion with the Father and an exhortation that Christ-followers boldly walk into their roles within the Body of Christ as a Kingdom of Priests.


  1. The Name We're Running To
  2. This Changes Everything
  3. Pure Exaltation
  4. Unveil
  5. Unveil (Spontaneous)
  6. What You Said
  7. Be Strong
  8. Glorify (Prelude)
  9. Glorify
  10. Everlasting Joy
  11. Open The Gates
  12. Nehemiah (Stand Strong)
  13. The Table 
UPC: 0000768721421
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