Uncreated One

Uncreated One

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Christ For The Nations

Format: CD

Uncreated One, the 38th live recording from CFN Music and Christ for the Nations Institute (CFNI), captures the voices and hearts of students from around the world joined together in a worship environment like few others. This is the first all new recording released by CFN Music since signing with Integrity Music. Featuring new songs from students, faculty and alumni of CFNI like "Show Me Your Ways", "You Are Exalted" and the title cut, "Uncreated One". Uncreated One also sources powerful songs from some of today's top worship movements (Bethel Music's "Deeper Places", New Life Worship/Jared Anderson's "Great I Am").


  1. Deep Cries Out (Live)
  2. Nowhere Better (Live)
  3. Great I Am (Live)
  4. Deeper Places / Lord I Want To Know You More (Live)
  5. Let Us Remember (Live)
  6. God I Look To You (Live)
  7. You Are Exalted (Live)
  8. Show Me Your Ways (Live)
  9. Uncreated One (Live)
  10. Falling Back In Love Again (Live)


UPC: 000768511824
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