Ultimate Collection: Robin Mark

Ultimate Collection: Robin Mark

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Robin Mark

Format: CD

Building on the success of Ultimate Collection from Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and Stuart Townend comes Robin Mark The Ultimate Collection.

Robin Mark has become one of the most loved worship leaders of our time. His singer/songwriter approach to worship have helped his songs touch
the hearts of believers of all streams of our faith. Full of passion and truth, Robin's singable melodies and honest lyrics represent Celtic worship at its very best. Songs like "Days of Elijah", "All to Jesus", "Revival", "Lion of Judah" and many, many more are sung around the world by young and old alike.

Robin Mark The Ultimate Collection is truly the very best of one of today's most respected and loved worship leaders.


  1. Revival
  2. Shout To The North
  3. Days of Elijah
  4. Holy Is Our God
  5. One Day
  6. I Am Persuaded
  7. Highly Exalted
  8. Lion Of Judah
  9. Everything Cries Holy
  10. The Wonder Of Your Cross
  11. Not By Might
  12. Jesus, All For Jesus
  13. Lord Have Mercy


UPC: 000768519127
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