Ultimate Collection: Tim Hughes

Ultimate Collection: Tim Hughes

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Tim Hughes

Format: CD

This is the fourth studio album from Tim Hughes, the worship leader and songwriter who has become such a foundational part of the global worship scene. This fifteen-track compilation celebrates that remarkable journey, from his early days leading at Soul Survivor through to his arrival at Holy Trinity Bromptop in London and the incredible rise of Worship Central. The album also contains a bonus track "When The Tears Fall". Drawing from each of his four classic albums (Here I Am To Worship, When Silence Falls, Holding Nothing Back, and Love Shine Through) this album contains all the classics - like "Here I Am To Worship", "Beautiful One", "Happy Day" and "Counting On Your Name" - along with other enduring favorites like "Everything", "Whole World In His Hands", "Jesus Saves" and "God Of Justice".


  1. At Your Name
  2. Happy Day
  3. Here I Am To Worship
  4. Everything
  5. Jesus Saves
  6. May The Words of My Mouth
  7. Beautiful One
  8. The Highest & Greatest
  9. Counting on Your Name
  10. Maker of All Things
  11. God of Justice
  12. Whole World in His Hands
  13. Holding Nothing Back
  14. Jesus You Alone
  15. Consuming Fire
  16. When The Tears Fall (Bonus track)


UPC: 5019282328721
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