Ultimate Collection: Stewart Townend

Ultimate Collection: Stewart Townend

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Stuart Townend

Format: CD

Reducing the work of the most prolific, influential and respected modern hymn-writers to a single album is no easy task. Stuart Townend's back catalog spans multiple albums and contains some of the worlds best-loved worship songs.

From "The Power of The Cross" to "O Church Arise", "How Deep The Father's Love For Me" to "Come People Of The Risen King" - not to mention "Psalm 23", "Beautiful Saviour" and 'In Christ Alone" - Stuart Townend's contribution to the sung worship of the church has been colossal. Each of those tracks is included in the sixteen that appear on this unique compilation. Taken from seven different albums, The Ultimate Stuart Townend Collection is a comprehensive guide to one of our most gifted writers.


  1. Come People of The Risen King
  2. Across The Lands
  3. In Christ Alone
  4. Beautiful Saviour
  5. The Power of The Cross
  6. There is a Hope
  7. Psalm 23
  8. See What A Morning
  9. My Heart is Filled With Thankfulness
  10. Creation Sings
  11. How Deep the Fathers Love
  12. Speak O Lord
  13. Salvations Song
  14. Pour Over Me
  15. O Church Arise
  16. How Long (Bonus Track)


UPC: 5019282331325
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