The Work Vol.1

The Work Vol.1

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Elias Dummer

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“I am not what I make, I am who You have made me to be. I am not what I’ve done, I am loved unconditionally. I am not loved by the measure of love that I bring. I am not who I know, I am known by the king of all kings. Jesus, you are enough for me.”

Fifteen years ago, worship leader Elias Dummer helped launch a movement uniting students across his city in missions and worship. In the process, he’d launch a band that would captivate worshippers worldwide: The City Harmonic. Today ,the writer and voice behind songs like “Manifesto” and “Holy (Wedding Day)” returns with his debut solo release. Dealing with the “work” of discipleship in worship and inspired by stories and experiences born out of the fast-growing church he helped to plant near Nashville, The Work Vol 1 is a collection of 11 songs that are honest, theologically rich, and delivered with Dummer’s typical passion. From the heartfelt “Enough”, which has already started to appear atop major playlists and at radio, the modern hymn “Free”, and the dynamic “This is Holy Ground” - The Work Vol. 1 is an album soaked with the theme of grace and discipleship, and is ideally suited for worship music fans hungry for thoughtful lyrics and the soaring, organic instrumentation for which Elias Dummer has come to be known.


  1. Enough
  2. As A Saint
  3. Heartbeat
  4. What Are We Waiting For?
  5. The Work (It Ain’t Easy)
  6. Less of Me
  7. Free
  8. Do Not Be Afraid
  9. This is Holy Ground
  10. The Simple Truth
  11. Invisible


UPC: 0000768722220
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