The Wait: Silence The Noise

The Wait: Silence The Noise

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David Leonard

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GRAMMY Award nominated David Leonard released his first solo project The Wait in the spring of 2019 using audio and video mediums set against a backdrop of alternative pop sharing his story of wrestling through heartache, depression, confusion and redemption with his family and with God. Now he is creating a new chapter for this project titled, The Wait: Silence the Noise. This collection of recreated versions are intimate, audio sessions of each of the original tracks including the standout songs “Know Your Heart” and “Come As You Are.”

Leonard has been playing, singing, writing and recording music since college when he and friends formed the band Jackson Waters. He later performed with NEEDTOBREATHE before a season of recording as one-half of the critically acclaimed, GRAMMY Award-nominated duo All Sons & Daughters. David is a Dove Award-winning producer (Confio/Jaci Velasquez) and creative partner in The   Creak Music (Ben & Noelle Kilgore, NEEDTOBREATHE, Brandon Heath, All Sons & Daughters) located in downtown Franklin. He is also a Dove and Covenant Award-nominated songwriter whose credits include “Great Are You Lord,” “Christ Be All Around,” “All The Poor and Powerless” and “God Who Moves The Mountains.”


  1. Wanderer
  2. By My Side
  3. Signs Of Life
  4. Know Your Heart
  5. Come As You Are (Intro)
  6. Come As You Are
  7. Share This Burden
  8. There's Nobody
  9. I Will Wait
  10. Distant God
  11. You Know Me
  12. Threads
  13. The Little That I Know 
UPC: 0000768726129
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