The Sounds of Daniel Bashta

The Sounds of Daniel Bashta

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Daniel Bashta

Format: CD

Daniel Bashta, writer of the new church anthems "Like a Lion" and "Awakening", marks his recording debut with The Sounds of Daniel Bashta. His imaginative, prophetic expression introduce a new standard to corporate worship with an 14-song tour de force that will arm, challenge and give voice to the roar of Heaven.


  1. Dreamers
  2. Freedom Calling
  3. The Sound
  4. Unlock My Roar
  5. Potters Wheel [Reflection]
  6. He's Like a Lion
  7. Like a Lion (God's Not Dead)
  8. Pursuit
  9. Offering
  10. With Everything
  11. It's Happening
  12. Heaven
  13. Awakening
  14. Isaiah 61 [Spoken Word]


UPC: 000768494929