The More I Seek You

The More I Seek You

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Gateway Worship

Format: CD

The More I Seek You includes studio recordings of 15 songs from Gateway Church crafted for times of devotion and intimate worship. Fully arranged and appropriate for corporate worship settings, this powerful album features vocals from Gateway worship leaders Thomas Miller, Kari Jobe, Walker Beach, Zach Neese and more. A brand new recording of the popular song "The More I Seek You" is also included.


  1. Running
  2. My Everything
  3. The More I Seek You
  4. Who Is Like You Lord
  5. Mystery
  6. I Am Thine O Lord (Draw Me Nearer)
  7. Dwelling Place
  8. Every Day
  9. Stay Amazed
  10. Heaven's Song
  11. Every Eye Is on You
  12. All I Need (What a Privilege)
  13. You're Worth It All
  14. More Like You
  15. King of This World


UPC: 000768480120
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