The Faith Life

The Faith Life

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Alvin Slaughter

Format: CD

Renowned worship leader and gospel music veteran Alvin Slaughter is a rare leader who inspires hope and joy in churches of all sizes, among people of all races and denominations. Now you can experience the dynamic voice of Alvin Slaughter captured LIVE in this worship experience entitled The Faith Life. Recorded at Covenant Love Family Church in Fayetteville, NC, The Faith Life is a powerful call to deeper, more resilient faith filled with sincerity and humility. Your congregation will love brand new songs like "Sacrifice of Praise," "Launch Out" and the powerful medley of "This I Know / I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"12 in all!


  1. My Joy
  2. Speaking
  3. My Joy (Reprise)
  4. Launch Out
  5. When I Praise
  6. Anything
  7. Worshippers
  8. Sacrifice of Praise
  9. Sacrifice of Praise (Reprise)
  10. Medley - This I Know / I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  11. Lord I Run to You
  12. The Latter Rain
  13. Made Me Glad
  14. Wave of My Anointing (Fresh Wind)
  15. Faith Is the Key


UPC: 000768347324
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