Essential Worship Band - Bass

Essential Worship Band - Bass

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Various Artists

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Essential Worship Band is the complete solution for helping musicians learn today's top worship songs. Each 15 song DVD includes on screen instruction for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard or Drums that demonstrate chord by chord, measure by measure examples for every song. Especially useful for student musicians, this video teaching resource also includes custom solo-trax, chord charts, lead sheets and lyrics for each song.

  • Real-Time, On-Screen Chord Graphics for Quick Learning
  • Audio Options Include Full Mix and New Solo-Trax Mixes That Highlight The Featured Solo Instrument

  • Full Mix and SoloTrax MP3s
  • Guitar Chord Charts
  • Lead Sheets
  • Lyric text files

    1. My Savior Lives
    2. Mighty To Save
    3. From The Inside Out
    4. Counting On God
    5. Glorified
    6. Mercy
    7. Your Name
    8. Love The Lord
    9. Still
    10. Amazed
    11. Friend Of God
    12. Today Is The Day
    13. God You Reign
    14. Revelation Song
    15. I Am Free

    UPC: 000768468319