The Entreating (Live)

The Entreating (Live)

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Benita Jones

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For the last two decades, Benita Jones (formerly Benita Washington) has teased with fame, popping up now and again with classics such as 2005’s “Thank You” from her debut release and 2015’s “My Grace” with the Full Gospel Fellowship Mass Choir. However, “Good God” the lead single from her upcoming release ‘The Entreating’ should finally deliver a big platform for the charismatic Atlanta based worship leader. With a number of stand out tracks including “Still Everything”, the energetic and soon to be congregational favorite “Joy” and remake of the hit “Way Maker”, ‘The Entreating’ is an exceptional work that will heighten Jones’ status as one of the premier worship leaders & songstresses in gospel music. Jamel Kimbrough, known for his work with Todd Dulaney, gives the production the extra sophisticated polish to elevate it above the average praise & worship offering.



  1. Joy
  2. Good God
  3. Still Everything
  4. A Better Word
  5. Broken Things
  6. Said And Done
  7. You Satisfy
  8. The Entreating (Intro)
  9. The Entreating
  10. Where You're Moving
  11. Never Let Me Down
  12. Way Maker


UPC: 0000768727324
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