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Parachute Band

Format: 1CD + Bonus DVD

Technicolor captures the electrifying and energetic sounds and songs of the New Zealand church. The songs were written with a deep passion about transforming one's life to that of a Christian. From "Come to the River" to "Living Rain," the songs express liberty in being washed in the revitalizing and refreshing water of God.

This CD also comes with a Bonus DVD featuring LIVE concert footage from the 2008 Parachute Festival in New Zealand, plus behind the scenes footage and EPK.


  1. Come to the River
  2. Shout It Out
  3. Your Word
  4. Living Rain
  5. Take Over
  6. Come Before
  7. Grace
  8. In Liberty (Hallelujah)
  9. Glorious Is Our God
  10. No Eye Has Seen
  11. Everlasting
  12. The Greatest Love


UPC: 000768447529
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