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Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the 5-member Rock/Worship band, Deluge, bring their talent and flavor to us again in their 2012 release, Swell. With 10 new songs, Deluge shows us yet again that they can engage church audiences of all ages and all worship backgrounds. ChristianityToday.com called them, rock-solid musicians and referred to their sound as, inventive with a hard-to-peg style [that distinguishes] Deluge from countless other sound-alike's in today's modern worship. Swell is the follow-up to the bands Unshakable CD release (2010) and is another strong example of the bands exuberance, joy, and passion for worship.


  1. Lift Him High
  2. Swell
  3. Your Joy
  4. Coming on the Clouds
  5. Simple Offering Intro (Instrumental)
  6. Simple Offering
  7. You are Welcome
  8. All Lovers of Jesus
  9. He Rose
  10. 220 Song
  11. We Respond
  12. Healing is Here


UPC: 000768507520
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