Stir A Passion

Stir A Passion

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Worship Central

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When Worship Central gather in His name, something happens. This album captures those moments where God broke in and displayed His love for His people. Recorded live at the inaugural The Gathering conference, Birmingham, UK.

Worship Central is a movement of worshippers who want to see the worship of Jesus Christ made central throughout our communities, local churches and the world. Their vision is for people to encounter God, for worshippers to be equipped and the Church empowered. Based in Birmingham, UK, they have trained, resourced and inspired worshippers all around the world since launching in 2006, with hundreds of thousands attending training events internationally and engaging with all the resources they have created. The Worship Central team also writes and records new songs for worship which can be found on albums including, Let It Be Known, Set Apart, Mercy Road and Stir A Passion.



  1. Pray
  2. Majesty (O The Mystery)
  3. Stir a Passion
  4. All for Love (Gethsemane)
  5. Jesus (Spontaneous)
  6. Praise The Lord (Evermore)
  7. Never Give Up
  8. Glory to Glory
  9. O Lord We Seek Your Face
  10. Waves
  11. Hope And Glory


UPC: 0000768710326
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