Still Volume 1

Still Volume 1

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Rivers & Robots

Format: CD


Integrity Music is excited to announce a new series of instrumental worship albums, each featuring the unique sound and aesthetic of a guest producer, beginning with Still Volume 1 and the critically acclaimed UK band Rivers & Robots.

Infusing modern worship songs with a vibrant, chilled aesthetic, Still delivers the perfect backdrop for moments of devotion, prayer and meditation for individuals and churches. From creating an atmosphere for soaking prayer to offering a sonic oasis during the rush hour commute, this series calls listeners to still their hearts before God.

Recorded in various locations around the UK and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios, Still is emotive and reminiscent of a film score, combining strings, brass elements and electronic instrumentation. If you are a fan of Rivers & Robots, you will want to immediately add this to your collection. If you’re new to Rivers & Robots, this is a great introduction!



  1. King Of My Heart
  2. We Have Overcome
  3. Interlude 1
  4. Good Good Father
  5. The Lion And The Lamb
  6. Majesty
  7. Boldly I Approach (The Art of Celebration)
  8. Interlude 2
  9. I Exalt Thee
  10. Be Still
  11. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
  12. Interlude 3
  13. Saviour Of The World
  14. Lord Let Your Glory Fall
  15. Lord I Need You
  16. Revelation Song


UPC: 0000768679425
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