Shout Praises Kids: 4-Pack Bundle

Shout Praises Kids: 4-Pack Bundle

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Various Artists

Format: Multimedia

This bundle pack contains two of those rare kids recordings that will energize Children's Church around the world, as well as find a place in homes and cars everywhere. Both "We Belong to Jesus" and "Nothing Is Impossible" have songs of faith, worship and just plain fun. Perfect for a great listen by kids of all ages!


  1. Nothing Is impossible
  2. This is the Day
  3. Put Your Hands Up
  4. You Are Good
  5. The Anthem (Full Song)
  6. Healer
  7. Let Praise Awaken
  8. Limitless
  9. I Call You Jesus
  10. Great is Your Love
  11. Get Up
  12. According to His Word
  13. Counting On God
  14. Impossible Possible
  15. It Was for Freedom
  16. Medley: Just Give Me Jesus / Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
  17. Light of Salvation
  18. Magnified
  19. Never Be Shaken
  20. Strong God
  21. Victorious God
  22. We Belong


UPC: 000768614396
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