Sovereign Grace Music Sampler 2020 (Pack of 100 CD's)

Sovereign Grace Music Sampler 2020 (Pack of 100 CD's)

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Sovereign Grace Music

Format: CD 100-Pack


Box of 100 individually wrapped CDs. Each CD contains a collection of these 9 songs from recent Sovereign Grace Music albums:


1. Turn Your Eyes (Live)  
From The Glorious Christ Live

2. Almighty (Live)  
From Behold Our God 

3. Spirit of God 
From Sooner Count the Stars

4. O Lord, My Rock and My Redeemer (Live)
From Prayers of the Saints Live

5. How Vast the Love (Live)
From The Glorious Christ Live

6. Jesus, Thank You
From 30: Three Decades of Songs for the Church

7. He Who Is Mighty (Live)  
From Prepare Him Room

8. See How He Loves Us (Live) 
From The Glorious Christ Live

9. Jesus, There’s No One Like You (Live)
From Prayers of the Saints Live


UPC: 0000768738122


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