Songs of the People CD+DVD

Songs of the People CD+DVD

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Prestonwood Worship

Format: 1CD + 1DVD


Prestonwood Worship, the worship ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX, recently recorded Songs of the People, a live album filled with 13 brand new, congregational worship songs. The project features Prestonwood’s lead worship pastor and Dove Award winning songwriter Michael Neale along with special guests Paul Baloche and Michael W. Smith and Prestonwood’s Stephen Miller, Jordan Grizzard, Rick Briscoe, Emily Inman, and Megan Duke on vocals. In addition, they are joined by Prestonwood’s 500-member choir and 3,000 worshipers, all singing together as one to the One who deserves all our praise and adoration. The included DVD contains the multi camera, high definition live footage of the recording, plus bonus content including song stories and behind the scenes footage.

Prestonwood Baptist Church, based in the Dallas metroplex, is a thriving church led by Dr. Jack Graham with an average weekly attendance of 20,000 people. Prestonwood Worship is led by Michael Neale, writer of more than 100 songs performed in churches around the world, including “Mercy Tree” and “Gloria” in addition to “Your Great Name.”



  1. Songs Of The People (Featuring Michael Neale & Paul Baloche)
  2. Your Love Is Our Favorite Song (Featuring Michael Neale)
  3. Still My Soul Sings (Featuring Michael Neale)
  4. Our Story Our Song (Featuring Jordan Grizzard
  5. Here In The Holy (Featuring Jordan Grizzard)
  6. You Can Have It All (Featuring Michael Neale
  7. Grace So Marvelous (Featuring Rick Briscoe)
  8. Waves Of Grace (Featuring Stephen Miller)
  9. You Cover Me (Featuring Emily Inman)
  10. We Turn Our Eyes (Featuring Paul Baloche)
  11. See You Again (Featuring Megan Duke)
  12. Let The Redeemed (Featuring Michael Neale Paul Baloche Jordan Grizzard & Stephen Miller)
  13. We Are Alive (Featuring Michael W. Smith)


UPC: 0000768680193
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