Songs Of The House

Songs Of The House

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Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship

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Worship pastor Corey Voss, the writer behind “I Got Saved” and “Praise The King” and the voice behind the popular “God Who Moves The Mountains,” follows his critically acclaimed Songs Of Heaven & Earth album (over 17 million streams) with Songs Of The House. This new, live project delivers 10 new congregational songs from Voss while introducing his church’s creative team, Madison Street Worship, representing the young and growing Gateway Church of middle Tennessee.
Songs Of The House delivers just that... new songs of worship and praise penned around themes of belonging, family, healing and freedom in Christ. The album reignites a revival fire in the hearts of the saints while commissioning a new generation to carry the Gospel.


  1. Praise Your Name (feat. Corey Voss)
  2. Liberator (feat. Annalise Bush)
  3. Across The Earth (feat. Corey Voss)
  4. Holy Places (feat. Corey Voss & Harley Rowell)
  5. Found Your Love (feat. Annalise Bush)
  6. More Than Anything (feat. Olivia Calderwood & Corey Voss)
  7. We Know There’s More (feat. Corey Voss)
  8. Lay Me Down (feat. Jenna Transki & Lee Bataller)
  9. We’ve Won (feat. Mary Faxon)
  10. We Come (feat. Corey Voss & Michaela Barrett)


UPC: 0000768722626
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