Shout to the Lord 2000

Shout to the Lord 2000

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Alvin Slaughter, Darlene Zschech, Ron Kenoly

Format: CD

Shout To The Lord 2000, recorded during the '98 Hillsong Conference, captures the excitement for the future God has planned for us. Worship leader Darlene Zschech is joined by Alvin Slaughter and Ron Kenoly in a worship event that will propel us into the next millennium.


  1. Shout to the Lord
  2. Friends in High Places
  3. God Is in the House
  4. God Is Good
  5. Can't Stop Talking
  6. All Things Are Possible
  7. Love You So Much
  8. Glory to the King
  9. Breathe on Me
  10. The Potter's Hand
  11. That's What We Came Here For
  12. My Heart Will Trust
  13. Eagle's Wings
  14. My Redeemer Lives
  15. Hear Our Praises
  16. Jesus Is Alive
  17. Shout to the Lord
  18. Friends in High Places
  19. God Is in the House
  20. God Is Good
  21. Can't Stop Talking
  22. All Things Are Possible
  23. Love You So Much
  24. Glory to the King
  25. Breathe on Me
  26. The Potter's Hand
  27. That's What We Came Here For
  28. My Heart Will Trust
  29. Eagle's Wings
  30. My Redeemer Lives
  31. Hear Our Praises
  32. Jesus Is Alive
UPC: 000768142424