Shout Praises Kids: My Best Friend

Shout Praises Kids: My Best Friend

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

From the best selling and Dove Award-winning Shout Praises! Kids series comes this fast paced video featuring 9 favorite worship songs with colorful, energetic graphics and an exciting environment where kids will love interacting and expressing themselves. Created especially for kids ages 4-11, My Best Friend Super DVD is an excellent resource for worship leaders, Sunday School teachers and Children's Ministry leader. The Super DVD provides leaders with on-screen lyrics for sing-a-long fun - plus each video has 3 audio options: Full Stereo Version (With Lead Vocals)* Split Trax (Lead Vocals On or Off)* Stereo Trax (No Lead Vocals)*

*Please note, these features are only included on the Super DVD.


UPC: 000768380512
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