Set Apart

Set Apart

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Worship Central

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Worship Central follows their critically acclaimed album Let It Be Known with the release of the live recording Set Apart. In Set Apart, Worship Central brings a new set of songs written in and for the Church. Based in London, Worship Central is a worship training school founded by Holy Trinity Brompton, the church that developed the global evangelistic phenomenon known as the ALPHA Course. The Worship Central team includes Tim Hughes ("Happy Day", "Here I Am to Worship"), Ben Cantelon ("Savior of the World", "Love Came Down"), Luke Hellebronth ("Spirit Break Out") and Nikki Fletcher ("All Glory, Dry Bones").


  1. The Way (feat. Tim Hughes)
  2. Stand Up (feat. Luke Hellebronth)
  3. Can't Stop Your Love (feat. Ben Cantelon)
  4. Set Apart (feat. Tim Hughes)
  5. Pursue Me (feat. Luke Hellebronth)
  6. Awesome Is He (feat. Anna Hellebronth)
  7. Worth It All (feat. Ben Cantelon)
  8. All That I Am (spontaneous song)
  9. Enough Light (feat. Ben Cantelon)
  10. Let Go (feat. Tim Hughes)
  11. Your Cross Is Enough (feat. Luke Hellebronth)
  12. Dead Things To Life (feat. Ben Cantelon)
  13. Singing Over Us (feat. Karen Gillespie)
  14. Wide Open Space (spontaneous song)


UPC: 000768620120
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