Season One CD+DVD

Season One CD+DVD

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All Sons & Daughters

Format: 1CD + 1DVD

The worship duo of All Sons & Daughters (David Leonard and Leslie Jordan) was birthed in 2010 from Journey Church located in Franklin, Tennessee. Both currently serve on staff at Journey as Worship Designers in the Creative Arts Ministry.



  1. Alive
  2. Let It Shine
  3. All The Poor And Powerless
  4. Brokenness Aside
  5. I Am Set Free
  6. Your Glory
  7. Dawn To Dusk
  8. Reason To Sing
  9. Oh Our Lord
  10. Spirit Speaks
  11. Buried In The Grave
  12. All Praise To You
  13. Wake Up
  14. Reason To Sing (Reprise)
  15. Your Love Is All Around


  1. Reason To Sing (Song Story)
  2. Buried In The Grave (Song Story)
  3. Wake Up (Song Story)
  4. Reason To Sing (Performance Video)
  5. Buried In The Grave (Performance Video)
  6. Wake Up (Performance Video)


UPC: 000768505823
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