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Kathryn Scott

Format: CD 2 Pack

Recorded live in Northern Ireland, Satisfy features renowned worship leader Kathryn Scott in her debut solo release- -12 incredible worship songs like "Imagine," "Blessed Be Your Name," and the popular "Hungry (Falling On My Knees)." Produced by Brian Doerksen and Philip Janz, this enhanced CD includes chord charts and lyric text files for four of the songs - with charts and lyrics for all of the songs available free here. A bonus CD is included featuring powerful worship songs from top Vertical Music artists.


  1. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  2. Hungry
  3. Heaven Is Our Home
  4. Breathe on Me Now
  5. At the Foot of the Cross
  6. You're Good Lord
  7. Worthy Is the Lamb
  8. Search Me, Know Me
  9. Creator King
  10. Today [As for Me and My House]
  11. Blessed Be Your Name
  12. Imagine


UPC: 000768270622
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