Sand & Stars

Sand & Stars

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Covenant Worship

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Sand & Stars is the latest offering from the Dallas based Covenant Worship team. Unconventionally recorded outdoors at Camp Freedom Lodge, a Covenant Church retreat, Sand & Stars shows a more organic and reflective sound than previous albums. The project is based on the promise God made to Abraham in Genesis 22:17 "…blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore." Created to encourage worshipers in prayer and contemplation, Sand & Stars reflects this scriptural covenant and God’s love for his people.

The Covenant Worship team, known for songs “Risen,” “Can’t Stop Singing” and “Kingdom Come,” is led by David and Nicole Binion and Josh Dufrene. The team serves Covenant’s five campuses in the Dallas area and another 40 Covenant-affiliated churches throughout the US.


  1. Gate Of Heaven (Live)
  2. All Things (Live)
  3. Back To The Father (Live)
  4. Song Of My Heart (Live)
  5. Love Has Overcome (Live)
  6. Highest Praise (Live)
  7. Persuaded (Live)
  8. Sand and Stars (Live)
  9. All Honor (Live)
  10. Doxology (Live)


UPC: 0000768689899
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