Roadmaps and Revelations

Roadmaps and Revelations

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Parachute Band

Format: CD

There is a new face of Parachute band that carries on the passion to influence the next generation through worship music that is totally fresh and contagious. Five young musicians have been passed the mantle and an exciting synergy has quickly formed to create a new guitar-driven modern worship sound. All committed to their local churches and to honoring God in their lives and music, these guys are the new face and new aggressive sound of Parachute. With 13 new songs, limitless energy and hearts that are all about the things of God, Parachute Band is poised to push boundaries and take their worship to a totally fresh space. Having already performed in Australia and New Zealand this year, the band is scheduled to tour the U.S. and Canada this summer including main stage slots at Creation Festival and Kingdom Bound Festival.


  1. The Way
  2. I Belong to You
  3. Surrender All
  4. Mercy
  5. Precious Jesus
  6. One
  7. Thine Is the Kingdom
  8. Love It Leads Me
  9. Fill Me/Psalm 119
  10. Praise to You
  11. Glorified
  12. One Day
  13. Keep in You


UPC: 000768426227
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