Right Now Praise

Right Now Praise

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Jonathan Nelson

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When gospel artists need songs, Jonathan Nelson has been the "go-to guy." Now Jonathan has harnessed his songwriting prowess and penned songs for his second live recording Right Now Praise. His repertoire contains songs written for Donald Lawrence and The Tri City Singers, TD Jakes and The Potters House Mass Choir and Stephen Hurd. Jonathan wrote the R&R Gospel #1 song "The Struggle Is Over" for Youth For Christ which stayed in the number one slot for twelve weeks. Nelson's new CD, Right Now Praise is filled with more award winning caliber songs like the lead single "My Name Is Victory" and the duet with his twin brother, Jason Nelson, "Right Now Praise."Stay tuned for great things from Jonathan Nelson.


  1. Champions
  2. My Name is Victory
  3. Drench My Heart
  4. Right Now Praise
  5. Bettah
  6. Yes Out There [Intro]
  7. Yes Out There
  8. Fill My Cup Lord I Need Thee Every Hour [Medley]
  9. Capacity (Breathe)
  10. Only You
  11. How Great Is Our God
  12. Great and Mighty
  13. Already Mine
  14. Healed [Bonus Track]


UPC: 000768435120
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