Revival in Belfast II

Revival in Belfast II

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Robin Mark

Format: CD

Recorded live at Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Revival In Belfast II features the anointed worship of internationally-known worship leader/songwriter Robin Mark. Blending traditional Irish instrumentation with the passion of modern worship, this new live recording is the follow-up to the best selling Revival In Belfast and Come Heal This Land. Produced by Paul Mills, this album features twelve powerful worship songs including "Kings And Nations," The Wonder Of Your Cross" and Robin's rendition of the popular "Blessed Be Your Name." 


  1. Lament and jig ‘Killavil’
  2. I Heard The Sound Of Voices
  3. Kings And Nations
  4. Blessed Be Your Name
  5. Perfume
  6. Work A Miracle In My Heart
  7. Some Kind Of Love
  8. My Song Is Love Unknown
  9. Soul’s Desire
  10. There’s A Cry
  11. Jerusalem
  12. The Wonder Of Your Cross


UPC: 000768317426
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