Praise Adonai

Praise Adonai

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Paul Wilbur

Format: CD

Featuring the messianic worship songs of Paul Wilbur, Praise Adonai celebrates the 40 year anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem and the liberation of the Temple Mount. Joyful songs like "Praise Adonai," "O Jah" and "Days of Elijah" call on all those who love Israel to remember her miraculous victory in the 1967 Six-Day War. Classic worship songs like "Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall" and "Dance With Me" will remind listeners that our Messiah will one day make Jerusalem a praise on Earth. (Isaiah 62:6,7).


  1. Shouts of Joy (Reprise)
  2. The Watchman
  3. Sing for Joy in the Lord
  4. Baruch Haba
  5. Roni Roni Bat Zion
  6. Shouts of Joy (Murphy)
  7. Praise Adonai
  8. Crowned with Many Crowns
  9. The Shout of El Shaddai
  10. We Have Overcome / the Shout of El Shaddai (Repris
  11. Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall
  12. O Jah
  13. Days of Elijah / Kadosh
  14. Dance with Me
  15. Adonai


UPC: 000768424926