Power of the Cross

Power of the Cross

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Free Chapel

Format: CD

Recorded LIVE at Free Chapel, Power Of The Cross gives new meaning to multi-cultural worship. Co-produced by Grammy/Dove Award winner Israel Houghton, this release features Ricardo Sanchez with progressive modern worship songs like "Power Of The Cross" and "I'm Not Ashamed" along with powerful ballads like "Very Same Power" and "For Who You Are". Add the Latin flavored "Eres Todo Para Mia" (You Are Everything To Me) and an incredible sax solo by Jentezen Franklin who pastors this multi campus church, and the result is a breathtaking experience that is sure to capture the attention of worship music enthusiasts of all ages.


  1. I Am Forgiven
  2. Broken the Chains
  3. I Am Not Ashamed
  4. I Am Alive
  5. Power of the Cross
  6. At the Cross
  7. The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power
  8. The Very Same Power
  9. A Thousand Miles
  10. For Who You Are
  11. Eres Todo Para Mi


UPC: 000768460825
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