The Power of One - Worship Leader Edition

The Power of One - Worship Leader Edition

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Israel Houghton

Format: Multimedia

Israel Houghton's powerful best selling album has now been enhanced into this exciting Worship Leader Edition. Included in this collection is the original full album, plus a special CD with acoustic versions of ten of the songs that are perfect for worship in any church. The acoustic CD includes matching sheet music, chord charts, and lyric text files for the ten acoustic versions of the songs. This Worship Leader Edition also includes a special DVD that features a live performance of the ten acoustic songs, guitar instructional tutorials for select songs, stories behind the songs and a "making of" video.

Songs Include:

Everywhere That I Go - Just Wanna Say - Moving Forward - I Receive - Others - Surely Goodness - The Power of One - Sing Redemption's Song - You Found Me - Saved By Grace


  1. My Name Iz
  2. Everywhere That I Go
  3. Just Wanna Say
  4. Surely Goodness
  5. The Power Of One (Change The World)
  6. U R Loved
  7. Moving Forward
  8. I Receive
  9. Saved by Grace
  10. Every Prayer
  11. Sing Redemption's Song
  12. Better To Believe
  13. You Found Me
  14. My Tribute Medley


UPC: 000768455104