Poets & Saints Songbook

Poets & Saints Songbook

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All Sons & Daughters

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All Sons & Daughters released their full-length album, Poets & Saints, on September 2nd. The new album is inspired by a pilgrimage David and Leslie took across Europe in hopes of experiencing the lives of poets and saints, including St. Francis, St. Terese, C.S. Lewis and George McDonald. They followed in their footsteps, studied their daily lives and experienced how they communicated with God, turning their journey into 10 songs that draw inspiration from the lives of these Christ-followers. These new songs, written for the Church today, share the same eternal truths that have inspired generations of believers.


  1. Heaven Meets Earth
  2. I Surrender
  3. Path of Sorrow
  4. My Roving Heart
  5. This My Inheritance
  6. You Are Love & Love Alone
  7. I Wait
  8. Rest In You
  9. You Hold It All Together
  10. Creation Sings


UPC: 0000768677674
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