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Lincoln Brewster

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Lincoln Brewster is one of those rare worship leaders whose songs have connected with churches and individual consumers, thanks in part to several radio success including hit singles "Everlasting God," "Today Is The Day," "Salvation Is Here" and "The Power of Your Name." Fresh off his successful Christmas album, Lincoln presents his studio record OXYGEN. This album will breathe new life into your home, car, or worship service with all new songs from Lincoln Brewster and co-writers including Paul Baloche and Mia Fields (Hillsong). So roll down the windows and crank up the praise, 'cause this album is hot!


  1. Live To Praise You
  2. Oxygen
  3. Made New
  4. There Is Power
  5. On Our Side
  6. You Never Stop
  7. Let It Be Known
  8. Sinking Ships (Rescue Has Come)
  9. Whole Again
  10. Heartbeat
  11. Shout It Out


UPC: 000768622322
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