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Alvin Slaughter

Format: CD

Overcomer is the new offering from world renowned worship leader Alvin Slaughter. This project delivers dynamic songs of inspiration and poignant ballads of adoration for our God. Overcomer is produced and arranged by Grammy Award winning producer Aaron Lindsey (Israel & New Breed). The combination of Alvin's powerful delivery and Lindsey's masterful arrangements, Overcomer will be a must have for every praise and worship music collection.


  1. O Give Thanks
  2. Mighty Praise
  3. We're Destined to Win
  4. He Loved Me to the End
  5. I Receive Your Love for Me
  6. Power in the Name of Jesus
  7. Loving Kindness
  8. He Is Lord
  9. Tell Me Again (Lest I Forget)
  10. Our First Love
  11. Great Grace
  12. Hallelujah
  13. I Will Not Be Afraid


UPC: 000768436325
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