Open the Eyes of My Heart

Open the Eyes of My Heart

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Paul Baloche

Format: CD

Open The Eyes Of My Heart features worship leader/songwriter Paul Baloche with a special collection of his best songs, many originally written for other artists. This all-new studio recording includes favorites that were born out of times of worship and prayer such as "Praise Adonai," "Revival Fire Fall," "Above All," "Open The Eyes Of My Heart," and more.


  1. Praise Adonai
  2. I Love to Be In Your Presence
  3. Sing Out
  4. Falling
  5. Above All
  6. Revival Fire Fall
  7. Open the Eyes of My Heart
  8. I See the Lord
  9. Open the Eyes of My Heart [Reprise]
  10. I Worship You
  11. No Eye Has Seen
  12. Celebrate the Lord of Love
  13. Spontaneous Worship [Bonus Track]


UPC: 000768178621
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