No Greater Audience

No Greater Audience

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Michael Neale

Format: CD

Dove-nominated and worship pastor for one of Nashville's most vibrant and creative churches, Michael Neale will release No Greater Audience on July 31, announced Integrity Music. No Greater Audience features 12 new worship songs from Neale, the Worship Arts Pastor for The People's Church in Franklin, Tenn., just outside of Nashville. The live album was recorded in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. with the worship teams from Christ Fellowship, where Neale had previously served as worship leader. In addition to the CD, companion products to No Greater Audience will include CD Trax, a songbook and a CD Rom version of the songbook. No Greater Audience is Neale's fourth recording for Integrity Music and offers his most personal expression of worship and expresses his desire to bring listeners an intimate worship experience. "The song and album title are a reminder of the incredible invitation extended to us in Revelation 3:20 - 'Here I am. I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with them, and they with me,'" said Neale. "We often hang our worth as musicians, songwriters and worshippers on who and how many are hearing our music. I pray the music on this record will help us remember there is no greater audience, no higher privilege, than to sing for the King."


  1. Hallelujah to the King
  2. As for Me
  3. Beautiful King
  4. I Am Yours
  5. I Will Dwell
  6. More and More
  7. No Greater Audience
  8. Redeeming Love
  9. The Rock
  10. You Amaze Me
  11. From the Rooftops
  12. On Mountains High
  13. Hallelujah to the King
  14. As for Me
  15. Beautiful King
  16. I Am Yours
  17. I Will Dwell
  18. More and More
  19. No Greater Audience
  20. Redeeming Love
  21. The Rock
  22. You Amaze Me
  23. From the Rooftops
  24. On Mountains High
  25. Hallelujah to the King
  26. As for Me
  27. Beautiful King
  28. I Am Yours
  29. I Will Dwell
  30. More and More
  31. No Greater Audience
  32. Redeeming Love
  33. The Rock
  34. You Amaze Me
  35. From the Rooftops
UPC: 000768417522