Next Wave of Praise

Next Wave of Praise

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Gospel Heritage 2.0

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Seeing a need to educate current and future worship leaders in the African-American church, faith-based media magnate Dr. Teresa Hairston created theGospel Heritage Foundation in 1994. From this endeavor the Gospel Heritage Conference was birthed and thereafter the Gospel Heritage Praise & Worship Mass Choir was formed whereby a few albums were recorded. These projects, Gospel Today Magazine Presents: Praise & Worship 2002 and Gospel Today Presents: Praise & Worship III delivered hugely popular songs such as “Magnify” and “Safety” (featuring Lucretia Campbell) and “Feet on the Rock.” To lead the next iteration, Gospel Heritage 2.0 Next Wave of Praise, Dr. Hairston called on hit songwriter and producer VaShawn Mitchell. Produced by Mitchell and Thomas Hardin Jr., Next Wave Of Praise focuses on the new sound of Praise & Worship in the AfricanAmerican church akin to Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and William McDowell to name a few.



  1. Crying Out (feat. Charles Clark)
  2. Jehovah God (I Will Trust You) [feat. Madelyn Berry]
  3. Jehovah God (I Will Trust You) [feat. Madelyn Berry] Reprise
  4. Dominion (feat. Andre Crittenden)
  5. Higher (feat. Shane Davis)
  6. Praise You Forever (feat. Cece Dunn)
  7. Forever (feat. Samantha Howard)
  8. Everything (feat. Randy Weston & VaShawn Mitchell)
  9. Hallelujah (feat. Brian Bausley)
  10. This is The Day (feat. Bishop Leonard Scott)
  11. Yes (feat. Bishop Leonard Scott)
  12. Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross (Bishiop Leonard Scott)
  13. It Is Well (feat. VaShawn Mitchell)
  14. Priaise Break (feat. VaShawn Mitchell)
  15. Satisfy (feat. Jarmel Evans & Taelia Robinson)
UPC:  0000768724828
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